Lamb's Playhouse 

Lamb's Playhouse brings together talented local young performers to provide them with an exciting, educational, and intensive performing arts production experience. The program focuses on all aspects of putting on a production as an actor, from audition to performance, and culminates in a musical performance for the public.

Our objective is to develop essential theater skills, build self-confidence, and encourage the responsibilities and self-discipline that's so vital as a performing artist. Participants will have the experience to work with professional performing arts instructors in an exciting, fun, and organized creative environment. The goal is to present a memorable and high-quality theatrical workshop experience for participants and audience members alike that focuses on actors' performances.
"There are no small parts..."

Every role is important. Whether a child is in the ensemble or a lead, the Lamb's Playhouse production team makes every effort possible to make sure each performer feels special, by finding moments to feature them, by giving them added responsibility, or helping them to develop and explore their unique characters. Every Lamb's Playhouse show is an ensemble show, and only works because we all work together.

More than a "kids show"

The Lamb's Playhouse team doesn't underestimate the talents of the young actors they work with -- even if they're beginners. Lamb's Playhouse cast members might be young, but they're enthusiastic, creative, and eager to learn, and that means keeping them focused on more than just learning lines. From character development to complex staging to fast-paced backstage responsibilities, actors are always challenged and met with encouragement every step of the way.
Lamb's Playhouse
Junior Division (Ages 7-14)

Discover the magic of theater! Our original program is for participants of all experience levels and is designed to instill a love of theater and teach fundamental skills, culminating in a 30- to 40-minute musical production designed specifically for young actors to perform.

Junior Division Rehearsal Schedule
Actors must attend all rehearsals.
Lamb's Playhouse
Senior Division (Ages 13-18)

Designed for our older performers, the Senior Division is a pre-professional training program for young actors who are serious about pursuing the performing arts and have a true passion for theater. The program ends with a two-act musical production.

Senior Division Rehearsal Schedule
Actors must be available for all rehearsals but may not always be called.
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